Art builds community.

As a 16 Hands founding artist, Silvie hosted an artist in her studio during each tour. Below you’ll find information on the different guest artists that Silvie has hosted over the years.

Previous Guest Artists

Jerilyn Virden
Jerilyn VirdenSpring 2021 Guest Artist
Emilio Santini
Emilio SantiniFall 2019 Guest Artist
Suzie Ross
Suzie RossSpring 2019 Guest Artist
Dennis Ross
Dennis RossSpring 2019 Guest Artist
Jon Ellenbogen & Rebecca Plummer
Jon Ellenbogen & Rebecca PlummerFall 2018 Guest Artist
Agnes Seebass
Agnes SeebassSpring 2018 Guest Artist
Benjie Osborne
Benjie OsborneGuest Artist
Susan Icove
Susan IcoveGuest Artist
Gail Kendall
Gail KendallGuest Artist
Ed Barnes
Ed BarnesGuest Artist
Seth Guzovsky
Seth GuzovskyGuest Artist
Mark Shapiro
Mark ShapiroGuest Artist
Jon Ellenbogen + Rebecca Plummer
Jon Ellenbogen + Rebecca PlummerGuest Artist
Chris Gryder
Chris GryderGuest Artist
Nick Joerling
Nick JoerlingGuest Artist
Bernadette Curran
Bernadette CurranGuest Artist
Pietro Maddalena
Pietro MaddalenaGuest Artist
Linda McFarling
Linda McFarlingGuest Artist
Marc Maiorana
Marc MaioranaGuest Artist
Kent McLaughlin
Kent McLaughlinGuest Artist